Travel Engine Development

Our extensive knowledge in bringing high-end technology to the customer has borught us into the travelling industry. We have built one of the fastest search engines known today in searching for flights and hotels.

High Performance Booking System for Hotels

We have developed a bokoing system for high performance SEO. Suitable for small and medium sized hotels, hostels and houses for rental. The business model works like this. A setup fee is charged and after this, only a success fee on confirmed bookings are charged.

Could it be more attractive? We succeed only if we can get you to succeed.

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goDaisy, a new way to learn and practice the skills of reading

Daisyview, found att is a project aiming for people suffering from dyslexia or other means of functional disorder that keeps them  from understanding written text. The daisy reader can be seen as an e-book with the character of an karaoke machine. The text is visible and a voice is reading the text while a marker is automatically scrolling along as the voice is reading.

Daisy books can be found literally in every school today, most of the users, however, thinks they have to sit at a stationary PC, reading the books in one occassion at a time. Nothing is more wrong with the new generation of this online Daisy Reader.

Hello world!

This is the site of Axier Technologies, a futuristic, open sourced and open minded company holding tons of ideas  on what to do on the internet to easify, creatify and monetarize on the Internet.

To get a hint of what we do, surf through the pages on the site. Since this is not the main site for development and you might be more interested in getting in touch with the developer team, please visit