The fastest CMS we know

Our excellent developers team has succeeded. again. By providing a CMS that even beats Googles own optimizizers by upp to 30% we cannot say anything else than we are humble but very proud. The CMS delivers content with a three step built in cache. The more frequent updates, the faster and more often it will become. Smart update rules, a fantastic editor for beginners as well as advanced power users, and with built in plugin API providing a flexible platform for a growing business. contact us for more information.

Excellence in programming

We are very proud today. As we as a software company has recently releasead one of the fastest, if not the fastest, publishing system on the market. Performance is of great importance for SEO today and our newly developed system has all the flexibility needed as well excellent speed. Talk to our managing director if this is of interest for you (+46 73 506 22 00). This platform is suitable for companies with 1-50 employees out of the box and for up to 250 with some tweaking. Still as fast for 1 as for 250.

High Performance Booking System for Hotels

We have developed a bokoing system for high performance SEO. Suitable for small and medium sized hotels, hostels and houses for rental. The business model works like this. A setup fee is charged and after this, only a success fee on confirmed bookings are charged.

Could it be more attractive? We succeed only if we can get you to succeed.

Contact Open IT for more information. +46-19 12 00 90