Travel Engine Development

Our extensive knowledge in bringing high-end technology to the customer has borught us into the travelling industry. We have built one of the fastest search engines known today in searching for flights and hotels.

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Axier Technologies invest in local startup

Soft Alarm is a local provider of mobile personal alarm system connecting a chain of receivers with the person using the alarm system. Once the alarm gets activated it immediately sets of a blizzard of activities, among them localisation and alarms set off to people connected to this person.

Axier enter the startup Gold Town Games

Axier recently got an invitation to join the board of newly formed Gold Town Games, specialized in sports games Besides from accepting the inventation Axier also invested in the same with a firm beleif in future success.

Axier goes Abylight

Axier believes strongly in the team behind the spanish game developer with CEO Eva Gaspar in and has recently invested in the company.

Gaming industry unlocks extraordinary possibilities

Axier has learnt the recent year about the possibilities gaming industry has when transforming from PC into smart phones and tablet  pc’s. Axier believes strongly in and has recently invested in the company.

Axier invests in new global gaming company

Axier believes strongly in the team behind and has recently invested in the company as well as entered the board.

Axier Technologies enters automotive industry

Axier Technologies has recently developed an advanced software tool measuring several crucial success factors for resellers in automotives. This tool allows for strategic analysis of key figures in sales, repairs, after sales, service and many more areas. Axier Technologies continues to deliver success.

A thought about fairness in taxes

Taxes are always subject to endless discussions. I am sharing a paper I wrote a long time ago but have never published. The date 2008 found in the paper is actually not even close to when the original thoughts was developed. I would more likely say it was around 1994 the ideas first came up and the details was outlined. you can see from the poor graphics that is pretty old.

The reason I share it now is to document and share the thoughts so someone else can get ideas on how to formulate a more modern  tax system. I won’t reveal more for now, but leave it to google to index and for interested readers to take part.

A new, fair and dynamic taxing system

have fun. / Jonas Forsman

Supercharged HTML5 and iPad compatible Daisy Reader

We are now soon t o release our first generation of godaisy, the web based Daisy reader. Now we proudly presents the first iPad, html5 compatible daisy reader on the net. To se what it looks like and how it works, please visit the prouct site

The fastest CMS we know

Our excellent developers team has succeeded. again. By providing a CMS that even beats Googles own optimizizers by upp to 30% we cannot say anything else than we are humble but very proud. The CMS delivers content with a three step built in cache. The more frequent updates, the faster and more often it will become. Smart update rules, a fantastic editor for beginners as well as advanced power users, and with built in plugin API providing a flexible platform for a growing business. contact us for more information.

Excellence in programming

We are very proud today. As we as a software company has recently releasead one of the fastest, if not the fastest, publishing system on the market. Performance is of great importance for SEO today and our newly developed system has all the flexibility needed as well excellent speed. Talk to our managing director if this is of interest for you (+46 73 506 22 00). This platform is suitable for companies with 1-50 employees out of the box and for up to 250 with some tweaking. Still as fast for 1 as for 250.