Supercharged HTML5 and iPad compatible Daisy Reader

We are now soon t o release our first generation of godaisy, the web based Daisy reader. Now we proudly presents the first iPad, html5 compatible daisy reader on the net. To se what it looks like and how it works, please visit the prouct site

goDaisy, a new way to learn and practice the skills of reading

Daisyview, found att is a project aiming for people suffering from dyslexia or other means of functional disorder that keeps them  from understanding written text. The daisy reader can be seen as an e-book with the character of an karaoke machine. The text is visible and a voice is reading the text while a marker is automatically scrolling along as the voice is reading.

Daisy books can be found literally in every school today, most of the users, however, thinks they have to sit at a stationary PC, reading the books in one occassion at a time. Nothing is more wrong with the new generation of this online Daisy Reader.